FEES ASSOCIATED WITH OVERDRAFTS:  Your account will be charged a standard overdraft fee for each item that creates an overdraft, as follows:

  • Overdraft Item fee $30.00
  • Returned Item fee $30.00
  • OD Privilege fee $30.00
  • Daily Negative Balance Fee $5.25 per day after 7th consecutive calendar day

TYPES OF TRANSACTIONS THAT MAY CAUSE AN OVERDRAFT:  An overdraft balance may be created by check, in-person withdrawal, ACH debit, ATM transaction, debit card transactions, point of sale transactions, mobile banking and online banking services.

TIME WHEN YOU MUST REPAY:  If your account has had no deposit activity within a 45 day period and has a negative balance, Hyden Citizens Bank may close your account.

Payment of any overdrafts will continue to be at the discretion of Hyden Citizens Bank.